What is Forging?

Forging is a type of plastic working, a term used in the process are derived by the localized compressive force Modified. Mainly Transformation May be formed among warm, cold, Isothermal. But, Usually refers to a hot forging takes place in the recrystallization temperature or higher.

Kinds of Forging Process

  • 1. Open diedrop hammder forging
  • 2. Impression die hammer forging
  • 3. Press forging
  • 4. Automatic hot forging
  • 5. Upset Forging
  • 6. Roll forging
  • 7. Swaging

Hot Forging

Because plastic sorking, Forging is easy to work to a high temperature that Deformation resistance of the material is small. Hot forging is, As a method to heat materials more than recrystal temperature, Precision has the versatility cheap value, but lower than the cold forging.

Warm Forging

As a method to process at the medium temperature between Hot & Cold Forging, Forging methods aimed at an intermediate effect, yet not common.

Cold Forging

As at a temperature close to the room temperature to conduct forging, actively without heating the material. Hot forging is required machining to some extent by dimensional tolerance caused by the forging condition and heating and roughness of the surface according to the scale. Cold forging is characterized to very high accuracy, because conducted at room temperature. However, due to the size of the room temperature variation of resistance of the target component is limited to small parts in low alloy steels. It is difficult work of the asymmetrical parts, and press including cold forging of special structure need in order to promote dimension of materials, precision of mold, pretreatment of materials and lubrication handling and mass effect.

Features of Cold Forging

- The economy and the production speed is fast, easy to mass production has become almost automatic

- Machining reduces the material savings.

- Improved mechanical properties, such as strength

- Since there is no Quality, oxidation, decarburization, The weight is reduced, the surface machining and dimensional accuracy better

Forged Product Photos