Electro-Forming Mold

The electroforming haneungeot reverse the concave-convex of the model of shape surface By Metal products by the electroplating or Electroplating of 3 ~ 10m / m to the master model with replication method.Pole layer is separated from the model is a way of making various molding (automotive, electronics, medical, etc.) mold By the following process for each of the ultra-precision machining method

Electro-Forming Mold Major Process

Injection Main Products

Mold Injection [Cover]

Mold Injection [Deco]

Injection Equipments

Equipment name Specification / Models Reserves Manufacturer
Catapult 100ton Transmission-SODICK 6 Sodik Korea (Japan)
Catapult 110ton Transmission-JSW 3 JSW(Japan)
Catapult 100ton Transmission-FANAC 3 FANUC (Japan)
Automation Systems EX800 11 YUDOSTAR


Forging parts Required Dimensions by Precisely machined mold are used to produce. This method is suitable when there are many production.


After cutting bending, to form a product, put it on the press to the basic mold and form the product by mold. This is The most common and necessary step to form the product by mold.

CNC, Diamond Cutting

When trying to light the surface (embossed) of aluminum, On the surface, you can make a light raw material by Surface grinding for the Use of natural diamonds. In order to equalize The surface of the spray facility products and the counterpart color, It is possible to apply the coding on the Product surface as adjusting color.

Mold Making